Cast of 2018

Lennon’s Banjo – one of the most hotly-anticipated new plays of 2018 - will premiere at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre next spring from Tuesday 24th April - Saturday 5th May.

A fascinating romp through Beatledom to find the holy grail of pop memorabilia - the first instrument John Lennon learnt to play - missing for 60 years and now worth millions!

18th January 2018 - CAST NEWS

Danny O'Brien

photo of Alan Stocks

Danny O'Brien will play the part of Travis: TRAVIS is not afraid to risk everything  if it means making a fast buck.  But underneath the bullshit and bravado lurks a gentler character.  Despite causing his wife no end of grief with all the wheeling and dealing, he desperately wants to be a winner and make her proud.

Danny has been working quite regularly around the liverpool stages, he was last as seen as paddy in The Royal at the royal court before that he was playing Arthur crown in The Star at the Liverpool playhouse, he was also in all three versions of the box office smash bouncers at The Royal Court. This is Danny’s first time working at the Epstein theatre and he can’t wait to work such an amazing cast.

12th January 2018 - CAST NEWS

Alan Stocks
photo of Alan Stocks

Alan Stocks has joined the cast to play the part of Sid, the Magical Mystery Tour bus-driver. A throw back to 50's teddy-boy era, SID  fancies himself as a ladies' man but in reality women wouldn't touch him with a bargepole. Always on Barry's case, Sid sees the tour guide as an easy target and enjoys winding him up at every opportunity.

Alan is best known for his roles in Hollyoaks, Moving On, Casualty 1907 and Kingdom. 

7th December 2017 - CAST NEWS

Stephanie Dooley
photo of Stephanie Dooley

Stephanie Dooley has also joined the cast to play the part of Texan, Cheryl. Long suffering CHERYL does her best to stand by her husband. She is the common sense in the marriage and tries to reign Travis in whenever she feels he's getting  over ambitious.  She rarely succeeds.

Stephanie is best known for her roles in Emmerdale, The Royal and Casualty. 

4th December 2017 - CAST NEWS

Pete Best
Mark Moraghan Photo

EX BEATLE Pete Best will play himself during 3 special guest performances on Wed 25th April (2.30pm & 7.30pm)
and Sat 5th May (7.30pm).

Pete said: "I read the novel 'Julia's Banjo' some years ago and thought it was a great mix of fact and fiction with regards to the Beatles and the elusive banjo. It made me smile; a really enjoyable read. So, when speaking to Rob Fennah about the book becoming a stage play, I said in passing, 'I should play me!' And low and behold, here I am doing a few of the performances.  I would have loved to have done all of them but prior commitments made that impossible. Anyway, either with me, or the actor playing me, this show is going to be great fun!"

28th November 2017 - CAST NEWS

Mark Moraghan
Mark Moraghan Photo

Actor Mark Moraghan has joined the cast to play the part of 'Beatles Shop' co-owner Joe. JOE is the older brother of STEVE. Both ex dock-workers, JOE harbours a nagging sense of guilt for persuading Steve to go into partnership with him and buy The Beatles Store. After 20 years in the shop, all his hopes and dreams of a better life have long since evaporated.

Mark is best known for his roles in Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Holby City, Dream Team, Brookside and Harry Enfield.

24th November 2017 - CAST NEWS

Eric Potts
Eric Potts Photo

Eric will play Barry Seddon, tour guide. Beatle nerd Barry lives for just one thing, The Beatles.  His love for the Fab Four is all consuming and probably the main reason he has never had a girlfriend. Oblivious to ridicule by his workmate, SID,  and so-called friends, JOE and STEVE, he has only one true admirer, BRENDA.

Bristol Old Vic-trained Eric Potts played baker Diggory Compton in Coronation Street, and has also starred in Still Game, Doctor Who and Last of the Summer Wine. His theatre appearances include Brassed Off, When We Are Married, Art, Footloose and Cissie and Ada.

Jake Abraham

Jake takes on the role of disgruntled 'Beatles Shop' co-owner Steve. STEVE resents working in The Beatles Shop and misses the camaraderie of his old workmates. He feels his life is wasting away and craves for a more glamorous existence. Opening a bar in Tenerife is his ultimate goal.

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels star Jake Abraham has an extensive list of film, TV and theatre credits to his name including 51st State, Game of Thrones, Justice, Red Dwarf, and, on stage, On the Ledge, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Ale House and Council Depot Blues.

Lynn Francis
Lynn Francis Photo

Lynn will play work-weary pub landlady Brenda. Pub landlady, BRENDA has clearly been through the mill. But underneath her dull appearance there still remains an attractive woman crying out for love. Unimpressed by loud-mouthed admirers like Sid, Brenda has her eyes set on a much gentler soul...Barry.

Lynn Francis is a regular on the Liverpool theatre stage. She has recently appeared in two runs of The Royal at Royal Court Liverpool. Other credits include Ladies Day, A Nightmare On Lime Street and The Salon.

Roy Carruthers
Roy Carruthers Photo

Roy takes on the role of ruthless Texan businessman Tony DeVito. DEVITO oozes the confidence of a successful businessman. Never seen without a cigar hanging from his mouth, he is used to getting what he wants. DeVito's bravado is propped up by his hired muscle, Carl and Wayne.

Roy Carruthers’ stage credits include Twopence To Cross The Mersey, Ladies Night, Funny Money and Night Collar. His screen appearances include Good Cop, Longford and Sparkle.